Fact vs Fiction Outpatient Therapy

FICTION 1: “I don’t need to see a therapist to do therapy”

You can absolutely go on “Dr. Google” and find exercises, tips and tricks of our therapy trade, just as you are able to do with any other skill or service. However, gadgets from Amazon, products such as Icy Hot, and chiropractors can only do and heal so much. A skilled set of therapy hands which is specially trained in techniques to manage pain, progress mobility and improve strength and function is irreplaceable. Therapists have years of training and have achieved a Master’s or Doctorate level degree to be in the position in which they are to progress your function and care for you. Some techniques found on the Internet may help for some time, but typically, these do not lead to long lasting results. A therapist will evaluate you and look at all areas of need as well as develop a specialized treatment plan tailored to your needs.

FICTION 2: “Therapy is only for injuries or accidents”

Absolutely not! Therapy is for ALL types of pain or impairment. At Desert Hand and Physical Therapy, we are specially trained in the upper extremity to handle all things from pain in the thumb or wrist to a complex traumatic injury. Therapy has been found to be extremely effective in non-surgical care concerns, especially in carpal tunnel syndrome, cubital tunnel syndrome, trigger finger, pain in the base of the thumb, arthritis and sprains/strains of the fingers, wrist, elbow, and shoulders. Our patients feel 75-90% better upon discharge for return to activity, accident/injury or not. We are here for you!

FICTION 3: “I can only go to therapy if I have a referral”

WRONG. Several insurances allow what is called “direct access” or the ability of a patient to direct their own care and skip the doctor to be seen directly by a therapist. Therapists are specially licensed and trained in the evaluation and detection of problems that may not require surgical or medication intervention. If you would like more information on direct access, please reach out to our referral line at ## for more information.

FICTION 4: “I have to stop doing the things I love if I go to therapy”

This may be true in some circumstances. A therapist may recommend you PAUSE, NOT STOP certain extra curricular activities to heal from certain conditions, such as a tendinitis. However, in most cases, the therapist will find a new and improved way to teach you to hold that tennis racket, maneuver that sewing needle, or hold that bicycle handle to ensure you are able to continue to do all the things you love. Therapy is purely about function and restoration of function. Our goal is to get you back to what you love, pain free.

FICTION 5: “I have arthritis. It will always hurt. Therapy cannot help me”

Arthritis is a condition that cannot be cured, true. HOWEVER, arthritis is a condition that can be made remarkably better through therapeutic intervention. The joint articular surface and cartilage surrounding it cannot be regrown, but the musculature surrounding the arthritic area can be strengthened to support the bony impairment. Also, several custom orthoses can be created to improve function, decrease pain, and improve sleep hygiene. Non-surgical management of arthritis conditions is absolutely indicated in therapy and can thrive in this environment.


Here at Desert Hand and Physical Therapy, we are ready and excited to allow our experts treat you for any aches, pains, or concerns. We will create custom orthoses, customize treatment plans, and care for you as part of our family. To inquire about an appointment for consultation, please click HERE.



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