Monthly Archives: September 2016

Hiking in Arizona: 3 Things to Avoid at All Costs

Every year, there are dozens of stories relating to sun exposure that leads to injury or even death in Arizona.  The cause?  Many of the victims are novice hikers who make easily avoidable mistakes.  We’ve come up with some of the most common mistakes that people make when hiking in Arizona and how to avoid […]

The 8 Worst Knee Exercises to NEVER do

Knee exercises may be the best medicine for chronic achy knees.  But they need to be the right knee exercises.  Just because you suffer from knee problems doesn’t mean you need you can’t stay active and fit.  You just need to choose the right knee exercises that will take it easy on your knees while […]

What Your Hands Say About You

Your hands.  We all use them constantly, from the moment we wake up until settling in bed for the night, our hands are always doing something for us. But have you ever wondered what your hands say about you?  From the shape of your hands, to your palm lines, each part holds a special meaning […]

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