Monthly Archives: September 2015

Hand Pain? 3 Common Hand Conditions that could be the Culprit

Our hands are amazing.  They are two of the most complex and useful parts of your body and you can use them for almost everything.   From the moment you wake up to when you rest your head on your pillow at night, you use your hands continuously.  Hands are the main structures for physically being […]

4 Tips to Relieving those Nasty Headaches

When your head is pounding, you just want it to stop.  There are so many things in your daily life that can make your headache.  From traffic jams to work deadlines, tension to tightness, you may be willing to do anything to find relief from that constant pain in your head.  If you have suffered […]

Don’t Let Hand Pain Hinder Your Gardening

With the summer heat slowly melting away, you may be getting ready to do some serious gardening.  A downside to gardening is that it can do some serious damage to your hands—hand pain, cracks, embedded dirt, broken nails, calluses…So, what can you do? Try these 4 tips to help keep hand pain at bay before […]

18 Amazing Facts About Human Hands

Hands.  One of the most important parts of your body.  Seriously—how would you manage without them?  As hand therapists, we have an intimate relationship with hands, working with thousands of hands every year. There are so many facts about human hands that keep us in awe of this critical body part. We wanted to take a […]

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