Monthly Archives: August 2016

5 Tricks to Forever Young Hands

They say people can guess how old a woman is by looking at her hands.  It’s really important to keep our hands looking as young as possible since they are highly susceptible to the first signs of aging. Our hands often age faster than our face! We try to take such great care of the […]

5 Crazy Cool Benefits of Drinking Water

Water is all around us.  And really, water actually is us!  Water makes up approximately two thirds of who we are and influences 100 percent of the processes in our body.    Drinking water is essential to your overall health since it acts as a transportation system—circulating nutrients throughout the body and moving waste products out.  That probably explains […]

The Critical Importance of Sleep on Your Mind and Body

At least 40% of the United States population is not getting enough sleep.  Are you one of them?  Late-night study sessions, new babies or a night out with friends can all lead to sleep deprivation at different times in your life. However, if you are continually not getting enough sleep it could have a huge negative impact on […]

What the Lines On Your Hands Mean

Hands.  We’re using them all of the time, and they are one of the most vital parts of our body.   Although they are so important and helpful to use every single day, it’s amazing how little some of us know about them and what makes them so incredible! Have you ever taken a moment to […]

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