5 Crazy Cool Benefits of Drinking Water

Water is all around us.  And really, water actually is us!  Water makes up approximately two thirds of who we are and influences 100 percent of the processes in our body.    Drinking water is essential to your overall health since it acts as a transportation system—circulating nutrients throughout the body and moving waste products out.  That probably explains why you feel better when you’re drinking enough of it.

Drinking water has a ton of benefits – some you may not be very familiar with. Let’s not water it down anymore and get right to it!

Go grab a glass of ice cold water and tap into these 5 unexpected benefits of drinking water and get your H2O on!

It clears up your skin

Staying hydrated helps to boost moisture in your skin. This helps to keep your skin soft, glowing, smooth and fresh.  Water is also the best anti-aging treatment around by fighting off wrinkles!  Water flushes out toxins to reduce the risk of pimples.

It’s a natural headache remedy

Drinking H2O helps to prevent and relieve headaches and migraines since they are commonly brought on by dehydration.

It increases energy

Our brains are made up mostly of water.  When you drink plenty of water, you think and concentrate better, your focus is increased, and you are more alert.  And as an added bonus, your energy levels are boosted because of it!

It gets rid of waste

One of the other popular benefits of drinking lots of water is it helps to get rid of waste through urination and sweat which will reduce your risk of urinary tract infections and kidney stones.

It controls calories

Forget about all those ‘lose weight fast’ tricks—drinking water can also help with weight loss!  When you drink plenty of water, it helps you to feel full, and as a result you consume fewer calories.  Feeling hungry?  Try drinking a glass of water and waiting five minutes.  More often than not, those hunger pains you feel are your body telling you it’s thirsty.

Bored of drinking water? Mix it up by adding a squirt of lemon or lime, a few sprigs of fresh mint, cucumber or an orange slice.  Delicious! Do whatever it takes to encourage  you to drink it up and start reaping the benefits of drinking water.  Cheers to good health!

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