5 Tricks to Forever Young Hands

They say people can guess how old a woman is by looking at her hands.  It’s really important to keep our hands looking as young as possible since they are highly susceptible to the first signs of aging. Our hands often age faster than our face!

We try to take such great care of the skin on our face, neck, and body but tend to forget to show our hands some extra TLC.  Over time, visible signs of aging start to show—wrinkles, uneven skin tone, and brown spots.

It’s time to get the upper hand! Take the time to show your hands some love and reap the benefits of forever young hands.

Try these amazingly effective tips to get you on the right track to young hands.  

Slather on the sunscreen

Make sure you put sunscreen on your hands every day.  Even if you are going to be inside, you can still get UV exposure through the windows.  Here’s a scary fact:  car windows let in over 60 percent of UV rays from the sun!

Make sure you’re moisturized

Moisturize your hands every day to keep your hands looking gorgeous—and ageless!  Be sure you choose a high-quality moisturizer that works best for your skin type.  Consult a dermatologist if you need help.

Schedule an appointment with Desert Hand Therapy to show your hands some love with therapeutic treatment and rehabilitation to restore optimal function in your hands.

Be lukewarm

You may think it’s best to wash your hands with hot water to kill off bacteria.  But hot water is horrible for your hands—it strips oils from your skin causing your hands to dry out more quickly.

Get oily

Applying olive oil to your hands can help them to look years younger. Buy a bottle of pure olive oil and slather up your hands in the morning and at night. Try putting on a pair of light gloves to allow the oil to soak in, and avoid getting olive oil on everything you touch.

Wear rubber gloves

Lots of household cleaners—and even soap!—contain harsh chemicals that are bad for your skin.  Put some gloves on when you’re washing the dishes, cleaning the bathroom or working outside.  Wear rubber gloves around the house to keep them safe and happy.

If you want young hands, don’t neglect them anymore.  Try these proven methods to fend off the aging process!

It’s important to show your hands lots of love.  Request an appointment with Desert Hand Therapy to make sure your hands are in tip-top shape.

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