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At Desert Hand and Physical Therapy, we are focused on making sure our patients get better. From arthritis pain to ankle pain, our team of licensed professionals has the skills and know-how, to make sure that when you walk through our doors, you leave feeling better than when you came. We understand that pain is uncomfortable and inconvenient, which is why we have dedicated ourselves to getting rid of it.

We have 13 specialized hand therapy centers throughout greater Phoenix, dedicated to the treatment and rehabilitation of the upper extremity, as well as 4 locations that specialize in full-body physical therapy care. With Certified Hand Therapists (CHT) at each location, our team is able to provide expert individualized treatment to each patient experiencing trauma, illness, or injury.

At Desert Hand and Physical Therapy, we treat the cause of your pain, not just the symptoms. Our trained, certified specialists are there when you need them, eager to help you with the source of your problem and teach you about what you can do about it. We understand that your pain is getting in the way of a busy life, and we will do everything we can to help you take control of your treatment on your time.

Our History

Desert Hand Therapy opened its doors in 1997, with one therapist, an office manager, and a shared goal of providing their patients with the best and most qualified upper-extremity care in the Valley of the Sun. Today, Desert Hand and Physical Therapy employ 25 therapists in 13 locations around the Valley. Although we have grown to meet the needs of a population that has exploded in size, our goals have remained the same. First and foremost, our priorities haven’t changed since day one: To provide skilled, talented and quality care in a comfortable and caring environment, meeting the needs of our patients and their families.

Desert Hand and Physical Therapy serve the Greater Phoenix area, providing hand, upper extremity, and physical therapy for patients who are recovering from recreational, work, and household injuries, cumulative trauma injuries, and surgeries.

Hand Therapy & Physical Therapy Services

Hand Therapy

Our hand therapy treatment programs are designed to return our patients to the activities they love most. We work with each patient to develop treatment programs designed to decrease pain & discomfort, increase range of motion and flexibility, improve independence and confidence levels, and prevent the likelihood of re-injury.

Desert Hand and Physical Therapy provide excellent upper extremity rehabilitation of all conditions of the hand, wrist, elbow, and shoulder. We manufacture custom braces and splints and pride ourselves on excellent quality and service. Every office of Desert Hand and Physical Therapy employs a full-time Certified Hand Therapist. Meeting the criteria for becoming a CHT is no simple task. Therapists practice a minimum of three years in the field of OT or PT and must pass a difficult examination to achieve certification.

Desert Hand and Physical Therapy is an occupational and physical therapy provider for patients with injuries or surgeries to the hand, wrist, elbow, and shoulder. A unique aspect of our therapy services is the manufacturing of custom splints and braces for patients with dislocation, arthritis, tendinitis, carpal tunnel syndrome, and most post-operative, upper extremity conditions. We fabricate over 200 splints or braces per month and pride ourselves on competitive pricing, excellent quality, and same-day service (with appropriate authorization from the insurers).

Desert Hand and Physical Therapy is dedicated to helping injured workers return to their job as quickly as possible. The rehabilitation team includes the patient, doctor, therapist, employer, adjuster, and in some cases the nurse case manager. At Desert Hand and Physical Therapy, we understand the importance of working together, and communicating with the team often and effectively as we manage the patient’s therapy needs.

Physical Therapy

physical therapy phoenix

Desert Hand and Physical Therapy provide patients with treatment solutions for all orthopedic conditions. Our physical therapists guide our patients to reach their best outcome potential and focus on their return to the lifestyle and activities they love.  Physical therapy services are currently offered in our Arcadia, Chandler, Estrella, and Central Phoenix locations.

Our therapists take a team approach with patients to develop treatment programs to return them to an active lifestyle. We focus on decreasing your symptoms. We aim to improve your mobility, strength, coordination, and balance, and enhance appropriate movement patterns. Our purpose is to provide you with the tools necessary to perform your sport with complete confidence.

We strive to work with your surgeon to ensure the best possible outcome. We understand that surgery can cause fear and apprehension, leaving you feeling uncomfortable and unsure of what steps to take. Our licensed professionals will assist you throughout your recovery process. Our therapists will be able to put your fears at ease and give you clear direction so that you make progress. Our goal is to help you return to your highest possible function.

Chronic pain can be unsettling and it can affect all aspects of your life. We take a unique approach to assist you in managing your pain and working towards improving your ability to do activities. We have a variety of tools to assist you throughout the process. We collaborate with you and your doctor so that we can choose the best treatment options for you.

Our certified practitioners will work with your goal in mind to develop a plan for the utilization of Dry Needling. We will ensure safe application to address your problem areas. Dry Needling is used for many pathologies. Some of the more common problems we treat are acute or chronic pain, tendinitis, plantar fasciitis, spinal pain, frozen shoulder, headaches, carpal tunnel, and scar management.

Our therapists are trained to assess for fall risks. We implement appropriate treatment plans to promote fall prevention. We work with you to improve your balance and awareness. If you are experiencing dizziness you may have vertigo (BPPV). Our licensed therapists can treat your symptoms and provide you with an appropriate treatment plan.

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