Monthly Archives: September 2017

4 Tips to Dominate Your Next Day Hike

Whether you’re a serious backpacker, a weekend warrior or have never set foot on a hiking trail, there’s something to be said about stepping away from the craziness of life to get back in touch with nature. If you close your eyes, you may picture a day hike as sunlight streaming through the trees and […]

25 Fascinating Facts About Fingernails

When you think about your fingernails, chances are you just think of them as a vehicle for nail polish or something you chew when you’re nervous. Our poor fingernails are typically taken for granted, and we don’t give them much beyond a passing thought. But they’re so much more than just things to be painted […]

Start Going Stronger, Longer With These 6 Endurance Training Tips

Endurance. It’s what keeps you truckin’ and pushing forward without losing steam. And endurance training will help you to boost your endurance levels so you can go longer and be stronger than before. Endurance is your ability to remain active and to exert yourself for extended periods of time. It’s your ability to withstand fatigue […]

Put ‘Er There! The History of the Handshake

It’s how we greet each other.  It’s how we start and end a business meeting.  It’s how we end an argument.  It’s a mutual sign of goodwill and peace.  It can establish a first impression with someone—whether it be good or bad.  It can convey good sportsmanship. What are we talking about? The handshake.   Around […]

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