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Sneaky Causes of Thumb Sprain

Our thumbs make us very unique creatures. They move in a way that none of our other fingers do and give us the ability to grab and hold things.  But what happens when we hurt our thumbs, or get a thumb sprain? What is a Thumb Sprain?  A thumb sprain is an injury to the ligaments […]

How Physical Therapy Can Help Release a Frozen Shoulder

Adhesive capsulitis, better known as frozen shoulder, is a condition that causes pain and stiffness in your shoulder. Frozen shoulder is a condition that gradually appears over time, and it is not the result of an injury. Signs and symptoms begin to appear, and slowly worsen over time. So what do you do when you […]

Create a Carpal Tunnel Free Workspace

A lot of us basically live at our desks.  We’re writing, typing, handling papers or doing other repetitive tasks for hours on end which can put us in the warning zone for developing carpal tunnel syndrome.  Think about it.  You are spending hours on end with one of your hands connected to a keyboard and mouse. […]

DHT Physical Therapy Team Member Spotlight: Jeanette Amado

In this month’s DHT Physical Therapy Team Member Spotlight we’re putting the spotlight on Practice Manager, Jeanette Amado.  Learn about her current obsessions and what the best part of her job is. DHT Physical Therapy Team Member Spotlight: Jeanette Amado Position: Practice Manager, Desert Hand Therapy What’s the best part of your job? The people that […]

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