Create a Carpal Tunnel Free Workspace

A lot of us basically live at our desks.  We’re writing, typing, handling papers or doing other repetitive tasks for hours on end which can put us in the warning zone for developing carpal tunnel syndrome.  Think about it.  You are spending hours on end with one of your hands connected to a keyboard and mouse.  Carpal tunnel happens when a nerve is pinched in your wrist which can lead to numbness or tingling in your wrist, hand and arm.  Although carpal tunnel syndrome can be mild and temporary, continuing an activity like typing still puts pressure on the median nerve which can lead to hand weakness and permanent nerve damage.

Keep carpal tunnel syndrome far far away with our helpful tips for creating a workspace that’s comfortable and good for your health.

5 Tips to Prevent Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Take Breaks

Repetitive tasks can really take a toll on your wrists.  One of the simplest ways to prevent carpal tunnel is to take frequent breaks.  A break can relieve you from all that stress and pressure on your hands and wrists caused by the continuous keyboard action.

Use Ergonomic Devices

There are lots of devices designed to prevent carpal tunnel syndrome by helping you maintain a natural position while working. It’s important to keep your wrist straight so that you aren’t bending your wrist upwards creating an uncomfortable strain over time.

Practice Proper Posture

It’s not just your wrists and hands that you need to pay attention to in order to keep carpal tunnel at bay.  Practicing proper posture is a critical factor.  Keep your spine against the back of your char and your shoulders relaxed.  Your elbows should be positioned on the sides of your body and your wrists straight.  Make sure your feet are placed firmly on the floor and that your computer is at eye level so you aren’t straining your neck.


One of the best ways you can prevent carpal tunnel syndrome is to exercise often.  Get the blood flowing through the median nerve in the middle of your forearm by stretching out your wrists, fingers and hands.  Also make sure to incorporate shoulder stretches to really aid in preventing carpal tunnel as well.  Here are 3 stretches from Healthlineyou can try today!

Type Gently

Don’t use a lot of force when you type throughout the day.  Opt for ergonomic keyboards that have soft keys to ease up any effort when typing.

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