Monthly Archives: July 2015

3 Go-To Golfer’s Elbow Stretches

One way to really damper your weekend golf plans is a good case of golfer’s elbow—medically known as medial epicondylitis.  Although commonly referred to as golfer’s elbow, you don’t have to be a golfer to be afflicted by this condition. Golfer’s elbow is caused by inflammation and pain on the inside of your elbow.  This […]

What is Trigger Finger?

It’s common for a hand therapist to hear the statement, “Something is wrong with my finger, I can’t bend it”.  If your finger is locked in a bent position and you are unable to bend it, it could be trigger finger.  What is trigger finger?  We will uncover the causes, symptoms and treatment options for […]

What to Do for Swollen Hands

Our hands do so much for us.  They are capable of so many different functions—holding, touching, grasping, waving—and so much more! So, if you look down and notice you have a swollen hand, it can be scary. To make it less scary, we broke down some of the causes and symptoms to help you understand […]

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