Monthly Archives: December 2017

Ice, Ice Baby – Chronically Cold Hands?

Raise your (icy cold) hands in the air if your fingers are always freezing. Is bad circulation to blame? No matter what the weather is, some of us suffer from chronically cold hands. If your hands feel like they’re always on ice, you’re not alone. Turns out that having eternally cold hands is a pretty […]

Did You Know These Incredible Facts About Our Hands?

How would we manage without our hands? They do so much for us and let’s face it, they’re a fascinating part of our bodies. Today we are going to show our hands some love, give them a round of applause, and talk about some facts about our hands that are sure to surprise you! So […]

The Truth About Trigger Finger

Trigger finger may sound like a made-up term straight out of a western movie, but ask anyone who has experienced the symptoms of trigger finger (also known as stenosing tenosynovitis) and they will tell you just how debilitating and uncomfortable it can be. A locked thumb or finger can be incredibly painful and interfere with […]

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