Monthly Archives: May 2023

Mentorship Program for the Infamous CHT Exam

What is all the hype about? The certified hand therapy (CHT) exam can trigger many different responses from candidates and therapists. Arguably one of the most rigorous and challenging credentials to acquire as a PT or OT, it can be a source of stress and can “scare off” many potential candidates. In the defense of […]

Trigger Finger

WHAT IS TRIGGER FINGER? Trigger finger is a painful and frustrating condition in which a finger can get caught, click, or get stuck into a bent or a straight position. The problem is a pulley system in the palm causing the tendon, a rubber-band like structure, the inability to glide in and out of that […]

The Certified Hand Therapist

WHAT IS A CHT? The term “CHT” standard for Certified Hand Therapist. This credential is mis-leading as we are often called “hand therapists” but the certification includes all injuries, diseases, and accidents of the entire upper extremity, from the cervical spine to the fingertips.   WHAT DOES IT TAKE TO BECOME A CHT? The requirements […]

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

WHAT IS CARPAL TUNNEL SYNDROME? You may hear the term quite frequently, “carpal tunnel syndrome”. What does this mean exactly? This is a compression or pressure on the median nerve within the bottom portion of the wrist. The nerve has extra pressure added to it from the surrounding tendons or the ligament that spans over [...]
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