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Mallet Finger Injuries

MALLET FINGER INJURIES: CONSERVATIVE TREATMENT AND PIN CARE STRATEGIES WHAT IS A MALLET FINGER? A mallet finger, or terminal tendon rupture, is an injury of the tip of the finger which causes the DIP (distal intrerphalangeal) joint to droop into flexion. This injury is commonly caused by striking the tip of the finger causing a […]

Spice Up Your Hand Therapy Ideas with Halloween-Themed Exercises

HOW TO MAKE HAND THERAPY FUN IN THE FALL SEASON Occupational and physical therapy at its basis has a plethora of combinations of opportunity for exercise. Some are straight forward, movement based. Some are functional. Some are simulation of activity. The focus of all activities performed in the clinic and adapted at home is to […]

Dry Needling, Perspective from a Certified PT

Dry Needling at Desert Hand and Physical Therapy                                  What is Dry Needling? Dry Needling can be used to treat many different pathologies, including chronic pain, scar management, and increasing soft tissue extensibility. Thin needles are inserted through critical areas […]

Lateral Epicondylitis

Lateral Epicondylitis Conservative Management    WHAT IS LATERAL EPICONDYLITIS? Lateral epicondylitis is a repetitive stress condition in which the extensor wad, most commonly the extensor carpi radialis brevis (ECRB), has increased friction and swelling decreasing glide, general mobility and function of the extensor wrist. Typically, tenderness to palpation is found at the lateral, or outside, […]

How To: Complete an Ironman Race as an OT and CHT

Meet Charlotte: Triathlon Athlete and CHT at Desert Hand and Physical Therapy At Desert Hand and Physical Therapy, we have MANY talented and targeted specialists to care for you needs. Take a look at Charlotte’s Ironman journey below for some inspiration to get out there and try new things! The Ironman Race: The Story Completing […]

Meet The Billing Team Queen, Melinda Washington!

Melinda Washington is the manager of our billing department. She has served our company for 16 years! She is an expert in her field, and we are lucky to have her as an integral part of the Desert Hand and Physical Therapy family! Please see below to learn more about what makes Melinda so great. […]

Fact vs Fiction Outpatient Therapy

FICTION 1: “I don’t need to see a therapist to do therapy” You can absolutely go on “Dr. Google” and find exercises, tips and tricks of our therapy trade, just as you are able to do with any other skill or service. However, gadgets from Amazon, products such as Icy Hot, and chiropractors can only […]

What Made Desarae Johnson, the Des We Know and Love?

Please meet our Gilbert manager, Desarae Johnson MS, OTR/L, CHT! Desarae was in an accident while in college leading her to a career in therapy, a love for creative treatment of traumatic injuries, and a deep connection to her family. See what makes Desarae the Desarae that we all know and love. Please share your […]

Custom Orthoses

Here at Desert Hand and Physical therapy we fabricate and fit custom orthoses (AKA “splints”) for numerous diagnoses. Whether your physician is requesting a custom orthosis to protect an injury (bone fracture, tendon laceration post repair, etc.) or the therapist and physician feel the custom orthosis is necessary for mobilization of a stiff joint, or […]

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