Monthly Archives: July 2017

DHT Physical Therapy Team Member Spotlight: Alicia Austin

The DHT Physical Therapy Team Member Spotlight this month is on Physical Therapist, Alicia Austin.  Read on to learn which song would be the theme song to her life and when she realized she was meant to be a physical therapist. DHT Physical Therapy Team Member Spotlight:  Alicia Austin Position: Physical Therapist, Desert Hand Therapy | […]

How to Tell if You Have Poor Posture

What’s so terrible about having poor posture?  Sure, your slouchy presence may not present the most poised person, but besides that, not standing up straight could create a domino effect on your health. Your posture can say a lot about you—it speaks to your personality and says a lot about how your muscles and joints […]

Range of Motion Exercises and How They Benefit You

You may have heard of range of motion exercises before but what are they really and how do they benefit you? Range of motion exercises are performed to help maintain mobility and flexibility to help improve joint function. Range of motion is how far you are able to move your joints in different directions.  These […]

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