Monthly Archives: February 2017

Prevent Hand Calluses When Working Out

Unfortunately, hand calluses are virtually inevitable. Calluses are the result of friction, so as long as you’re using your hands, there’s a good chance you’ll get at least one callus in your lifetime. While there are lots of activities that can cause this particular type of friction, the most common causes of calluses are manual […]

How to Get Younger Looking Hands – Bye Bye Old Lady Hands

As we get older, so many of us focus on preventing the wrinkles on our faces that we forget that other parts of our bodies show our age too. We’re talking about your hands. The same issues we’re concerned about with our faces (spots, dryness, wrinkles, etc.) also apply to our hands. What do your […]

What the Heck is K-Tape Anyway?

You’ve probably seen people rocking some k-tape and just didn’t know what it was.  Typically, the k-tape strips show up in bright shades of blues or pinks on people’s bodies.  What is it? Kinesiology tape, otherwise known as k-tape. K-tape has a comprehensive array of therapeutic benefits.  From high school heroes to professional phenomenons, k-tape […]

Your Wrist Pain May Not Be Carpal Tunnel

With all of that typing and texting every day, wrist pain has become an annoyingly painful fact of life.  There are millions of Americans who suffer from chronic wrist pain that can range from tingling to throbbing to sharp and piercing. But these twinges of pain felt in your hand or wrist (or both!) are […]

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