Monthly Archives: January 2016

Our Favorite Hand Exercises: Hand Picked by the Desert Hand Team!

Most of us dedicate time throughout the week to go through an exercise routine, spend some time at the gym, or get in some cardio. However, many of us overlook the importance of providing our hands and fingers with a solid workout. When you regularly exercise your hands and fingers, it not only helps to […]

Desert Hand Therapy: Splints Are Healing Hands

If you have hand pain, you know just how debilitating it can be.  One effective option for treatment and prevention are splints. Our team of experienced hand therapists at Desert Hand Therapy are healing hands with splints every day of every week and we wanted to share with you how! Splints are healing hands in […]

Healthy Foods & Recipes for the Busy Mom

Moms—do you ever feel it’s impossible to cook real food with everything you are trying to balance throughout the week? With crazy schedules, super long work hours and tempting takeout menus, it is tough to cook most nights during the week—let alone even THINK about it.  Until now.  We’ve rounded up some of the best […]

Little Known Facts: Bones in the Human Hand

Make no mistake about it—your hands are one of the most vital parts of your body.  How would we manage without them? And yet, many of us know so little about what makes our hands so incredible! Below we explore some interesting facts about the bones in the human hand.  Read on and enjoy! Your […]

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