Desert Hand Therapy: Splints Are Healing Hands

If you have hand pain, you know just how debilitating it can be.  One effective option for treatment and prevention are splints. Our team of experienced hand therapists at Desert Hand Therapy are healing hands with splints every day of every week and we wanted to share with you how!

Splints are healing hands in the treatment of arthritis, injuries and other acute and chronic conditions of the fingers and wrist.

Use & Design of Splints

Splints are made of neoprene, metal and other materials, and may be prefabricated or custom made by a hand therapist – like the custom splints made at Desert Hand!  Splints deal with the science of bracing or supporting weak ineffective joints or muscles.  They also can be used to align, correct or prevent deformities of your hand, wrist or fingers.  Ultimately splints assist in strengthening a physical weakness to improve and restore function back to their optimal state.

Here are four primary ways splints are healing hands across the Phoenix-metropolitan area for common conditions and injuries.

Splints are used for:

  1. Supporting painful and damaged joints to increase strength
  2. Reducing stress and strain on damaged or painful joints
  3. Reducing pain
  4. Helping cue individuals you in how to use a joint more carefully

There are several different types of splints that provide various levels of support depending on your needs.  Some of the common types of splints we create and provide at Desert Hand may include:

Resting Splint

This type of splint rests and supports the joint in the best position while lowering stress on ligaments, minimizing the pressure inside the joint, diminishing pain and preventing joint movement.  A resting splint is worn during the night or for rest periods during the day to help decrease inflammation.

Working Splint

A working splint helps hold the joint in position while improving stability and joint alignment.  Working splints also aid in lowering pain during activities and to improve function and reduce pain.

Thumb Spica Splint

The Purpose:  to immobilize the CMC joint to thumb

For These Conditions:

Wrist Support Splint

The Purpose:  to immobilize the wrist

For These Conditions:

Ulna Gutter Intrinsic + Position Splint

The Purpose:  to immobilize the wrist and the finger for proximal/middle phalanx fractures

For These Conditions:

  • Proximal/middle phalanx of finger

Mallet Finger Splint

The Purpose:  to immobilize and protect distal phalanx of finger

For These Conditions:

  • Mallet finger injury
  • Distal phalanx fracture

Resting Hand Splint

The Purpose:  to immobilize and rest the hand and wrist for fractures, swelling and stiffness associated with trauma or infection of the hand

For These Conditions:

  • Cellulitis
  • Multiple Fracture Sites to Fingers

If you are experiencing hand or wrist pain and feel like you could benefit from a splint, contact Desert Hand Therapy today to schedule an appointment to discover the best options for your specific needs.

splint 1








Coverage around pinning of the IF and SF, allowing for thumb opposition to middle digits.

splint 2












We like to make our splints kid friendly and often create them with stars and flames. We can even make them look like ladybugs!

splint 3











Check out this splint made in our Chandler clinic!

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