Monthly Archives: June 2016

What Being Left-Handed Says About You

Are you a lefty?  A southpaw?  If so you’re in luck—this blog post is just for you!  Left-handers make up 10 percent of the population. There is science that proves that left-handed people use their brain differently and have some predominant personality traits that right-handed folks do not. Here are some amazingly fun left-handed facts you may not have […]

5 Fingernail Problems Not to Ignore

Did you know that your fingernails can give you some seriously solid clues to your overall health?  Turns out that having healthy, strong fingernails are not just great news for your manicure. Fingernail problems could indicate some big health problems. Conditions and diseases that affect your whole body can alter fingernail growth patterns, blood flow […]

4 Strategies to Combat Muscle Cramping

Chances are you have had one at some point in your life and they definitely cramp your style.  What is it?  Muscle cramping. No one is safe from the dreaded muscle cramp!  Cramps can affect your hamstrings, calf muscles, arms, abs and quads.  So what is the deal with the culprit behind this pain?  Muscle […]

Avoid Common Running Injuries While Prepping For Your 5K

The amount of running injuries that occur every year is staggering.  There are some studies that put that number at an alarming 74%.  That percentage is even higher than professional football! If you’re prepping for an upcoming 5k and want to avoid any possible running injuries at all costs, we have the help you are searching for.  […]

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