4 Strategies to Combat Muscle Cramping

Chances are you have had one at some point in your life and they definitely cramp your style.  What is it?  Muscle cramping.

No one is safe from the dreaded muscle cramp!  Cramps can affect your hamstrings, calf muscles, arms, abs and quads.  So what is the deal with the culprit behind this pain?  Muscle cramping happens when your muscle fibers stay shortened which can cause tension and that horribly-annoying squeezing feeling.

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Muscle cramps can happen at any given moment: immediately following exercise, in the middle of an amazing sleep or even up to six hours after exercise!  No more sneak attacks.  Today we look at some ways that may help to prevent or possibly stop muscle cramping.

Combat Muscle Cramping

Stretch it out.

If muscle cramping occurs, take a moment and stretch.  A few simple stretches may be all you need to work out the tight muscle and relieve the pain.  Here are three stretches you can try next time a cramp rears its ugly head.

Get hydrated.

If you are dehydrated, your muscles can be more vulnerable to cramps.  Consuming water to avoid dehydration can prevent muscle cramping.  Make sure you drink plenty of water throughout the day, especially after exercise.

Pickle juice.

As strange as it may sound, drinking pickle juice can stop cramping within seconds.  Sodium and potassium deficiencies can cause a muscle to cramp up.  Pickle juice has about 20 times more sodium and eight times more potassium than a regular sports drink.

Eat some carbs.

Muscle cramping can also be caused by carbohydrate depletion since carbs are the primary fuel used during exercise.  Our muscles require carbohydrates—or energy—to contract and needs energy to relax.  Without proper fuel circulating while continuing to exercise and contract your muscles, muscle relaxation is impaired which can then cause cramping.

Don’t live in fear of muscle cramping popping up unexpectedly.  Use these 4 tips to prevent them before they begin!

If you suffer from muscle cramping, DHT Physical Therapy offers effective treatment options that will have you back to enjoying your life in no time.  Take control of your health and schedule an appointment today!

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