Avoid Common Running Injuries While Prepping For Your 5K

The amount of running injuries that occur every year is staggering.  There are some studies that put that number at an alarming 74%.  That percentage is even higher than professional football!

If you’re prepping for an upcoming 5k and want to avoid any possible running injuries at all costs, we have the help you are searching for.  Here are some of the best tips and tricks to keep you running injury-free.

How to Avoid Common Running Injuries

Don’t overdo it.  One of the most common ways to injure yourself running is by over-training.  You may have tried to push yourself too hard and too far too soon and hamstring pulls or knee pain could be the result. Moderation and taking time off between runs is best to keep running injuries at bay.  Running is a high-impact exercise and too much of it can be damaging to your joints.

If you have knee pain from running, read this blog post about how to prevent knee pain with these 6 helpful tips.

Always take time to stretch.  If you never take time to stretch and warm up before hitting the road for a un, think again.  Stretching each and every time before you start a run will substantially lower your chance of running injuries.  It will only take a few minutes of your time to prevent something that could cost you lots of time down the road.

Strengthen your muscles.  To make sure your body is less prone to running injuries, it’s important to keep yourself active even on days when you are not running.  Staying active on your days off will help your body to be prepared in terms of muscle strength, endurance, cardio and energy.  Try some strengthening exercises to give you the upper hand on injuries.  Your body will be more prepared for the race ahead.

Wear the right footwear.  If you’re wearing some old, worn-out running shoes, it can cause pain in your legs, hips, knees and feet.  Part of your 5k training safety includes remembering to replace your running shoes every 350 to 500 miles.

Approaching race day the right way can help cut down on the possibility of running injuries and help you run smarter, faster, stronger and reach your goals.

Physical therapy plays an important role in injury prevention and treatment for runners.  If you have pain of any kind from your runs or want more tips on preventing an injury, contact DHT Physical Therapy todaySchedule an injury screening and be evaluated by a licensed professional who can recommend the proper course of treatment for you.

Weekend warriors: listen up.  Whether you’re soaking up the sun on the weekends on a mountain, lake or ocean, or breaking in a brand new pair of running shoes, use these tips to help avoid a would-be injury for the weekend warrior.

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