Custom Orthoses

Here at Desert Hand and Physical therapy we fabricate and fit custom orthoses (AKA “splints”) for numerous diagnoses. Whether your physician is requesting a custom orthosis to protect an injury (bone fracture, tendon laceration post repair, etc.) or the therapist and physician feel the custom orthosis is necessary for mobilization of a stiff joint, or you just have pain and that joint needs a break, we have you covered! Orthoses can be used to protect, stretch, immobilize, or offer improved function of an elbow, wrist, or finger(s) and thumb. We take great pride in our work and in our custom orthoses that leave our buildings.


Custom orthosis to MCP flexion contractures, collateral ligament stiffness, pain. 90 Degree angle is key

Custom Orthosis to Improve Static Progressive MCP Flexion

Post above-the-elbow amputation to improve function and independence with use of utensils.

Custom Orthosis to Improve Function After Amputation. This patient can now independently use a spoon.

Function and Purpose. Low profile radial nerve palsy orthosis

Custom Orthosis with Low-Profile MCP Extension Assist and Combined Phone Holding Assist


What Materials Do We Use?

We utilize specialized materials to fabricate an array of orthoses to help you out. The material we use is rather unique in that it conforms to YOUR BODY. The material is a thermo-plastic material and will only ever fit your hand. In other words, they are not “one size fits all.” This ensures comfort as well as optimal function. We are also able to re-mold, adjust mend or make changes to improve fit based off of swelling levels, pain levels, changes to your soft tissue, changes in protocol progression or can even make a brand new, smaller splint out of the one you currently have. 

Why Use Custom and Not Over-the-Counter?

Research has shown that the custom orthoses are superior to over-the-counter options in conditions such as carpal tunnel syndrome or finger injuries such as fractures or tendon repairs. These custom orthoses allow for fit and function that is superior to the aluminum or soft plastic options with the metal bar. Not only that, but no 2 people are the same size. We see labeling for “one size fits all”, but this really means “one size fits NONE” to a therapist. Also, we have seen many cases in which the over-the-counter options are too large causing rubbing and open wounds or dehisce sutures. Or, we have seen these over-the-counter options cause other conditions such as tendinitis from poor wear, poor positioning, or poor fit. The expertise of your therapist cannot be replaced in terms of wear schedule, putting the orthosis on or off, tightening straps, and strategies to improve duration of wear tolerance. Long story short, custom orthoses will fit better and serve their specific purpose much better than one that you would find on a store shelf. These custom orthoses are worth the investment!


Post CVA Custom Orthosis to ensure lengthening of all flexor tendons remains intact and thumb abduction remains intact.

Custom Resting hand Orthosis for Post Stroke or Post Nerve Impairment Sleep Positioning and Safety

Custom Orthosis Option for Ulnar Abutment or DRUJ Instability


The utilization of orthotics can be extremely beneficial on your road back to recovery. There can be many reasons why you may benefit from one. Please make sure to discuss with your therapist or physician on medical needs and necessity for these devices and how they can                                                                       benefit you. 


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