Mentorship Program for the Infamous CHT Exam

What is all the hype about?

The certified hand therapy (CHT) exam can trigger many different responses from candidates and therapists. Arguably one of the most rigorous and challenging credentials to acquire as a PT or OT, it can be a source of stress and can “scare off” many potential candidates. In the defense of these therapists, it is a very challenging exam. Typically, the pass rate ranges from 50-60%.



So… Why Go Through Such a Daunting Task?

Having “CHT” after your name is significant for these reasons. It shows physicians and patients that they are working with a very competent clinician who specializes in upper extremity care. This certification is required to be a therapist working on a case for many surgeons and yields respect in the field of upper extremity outpatient care.

What Makes Desert Hand and Physical Therapy Stand Out?

Here at Desert Hand and Physical Therapy, we utilize a mentorship program that allows therapists to have access to an on-site mentor who helps them learn and grow as a therapist within the hand therapy field. These mentors are available to teach, guide, and assist therapists learn essential skills and knowledge necessary to care for our patients.  This also ensures safety and the best possible care for our patients with upper extremity diagnoses.

We follow a specialized mentorship structure in our company which provides hands-on experience, zoom calls, and specialized tests that challenge prospective candidates to the CHT. We walk with you and alongside of you to ensure you are successful. Our program has provided successful completion and passing of the exam for 13 therapists enrolled in our mentorship program over the last 6 years!


Whether you’re a therapist looking to join the exciting and specialized field of hand therapy, or you are a patient looking for a highly skilled therapist to be in charge of your care, Desert Hand and Physical Therapy is the place for you. We pride ourselves in providing the best care for our patients as well as growing future hand therapists on their path to becoming a certified hand therapist.


Will Martin, MS, OTR/L, CHT

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