Monthly Archives: March 2017

Surprising Dog Health Benefits for You

There are a multitude of reasons dogs are called humans’ best friends.  When you come home after a long, stressful day to a wagging tail the immediate sense of happiness and calm you feel is incredible.  Dogs are funny, uplifting, loyal companions, and seem to understand us in a way no other human can.  But […]

4 Tips for a Healthy Back

We put our backs through much more than they’re supposed to endure. We sit at work for 8 hours a day without breaks, we lift heavy things (like our kids) more often than we should, and we don’t always practice great posture. How are you supposed to maintain a healthy back when life keeps getting […]

Improve Mobility with These Hand and Wrist Stretches

Our hands and wrists do everything for us, but how much do we do for them? From carpal tunnel syndrome to arthritis, there’s a lot at risk for our hands and wrists. When we grip our steering wheel too tight, or spend hours on end typing at work, we’re slowly weakening our hands and wrists. One […]

The Dizzying Facts on Vertigo

Do you ever feel unsteady, light-headed, dizzy or nauseated?  If you feel like you are swirling round and round in a tornado or that you are moving up and down in a boat, you may have vertigo. This sensation can be very disturbing and may increase the risk of falling.  If you’ve been diagnosed with […]

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