4 Tips for a Healthy Back

We put our backs through much more than they’re supposed to endure. We sit at work for 8 hours a day without breaks, we lift heavy things (like our kids) more often than we should, and we don’t always practice great posture. How are you supposed to maintain a healthy back when life keeps getting in the way?

In a perfect world we would tell you to avoid the prolonged sitting, the heavy lifting, and the bad posture, but unfortunately, that’s not always possible. So instead, we’ll give you these 4 tips for a healthy back!

We’ve Got Your Back With These Tips to a Healthy Back

  1. Exercise your core. A strong core can help prevent and minimize back pain by reducing the risk of muscle strain in your back. Try these exercises designed for a healthy back!
  2. Wear the right shoes that have great support. Shoes that don’t fit properly or that don’t have much support can cause pronation or supination – when your foot rolls in or out. This can lead to serious back pain if it’s not resolved. If your shoes aren’t giving you enough support, orthotic inserts are always a great option too!
  3. Get massages occasionally. We build up a lot of tension in our back and shoulders, and that tension won’t just relieve itself.  A massage can be one of the best ways to fend off or relieve back pain.
  4. A healthy back starts with good posture when sitting and standing. Check out these tips for maintaining good posture and relieving back pain.

Back pain can leave you down for the count when it really matters, but if you’re proactive and practice these tips for a healthy back you’ll notice how great life can be without back pain!

Another way to manage back pain is craniosacral therapy.

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