Monthly Archives: March 2016

15 Things You Should Know About Sign Language

Our hands play a critical role in everyday living and communication, but no more so than with the deaf and hearing impaired. Consider how much they depend on their hands for communication! In the United States many people who are deaf or hearing impaired communicate by using American Sign Language, also known as ASL.  American […]

Telltale Signs of Tendonitis & How Physical Therapy Can Help

It’s not uncommon to suffer from the occasional ache or pain. In fact, most of us suffer from aches and pains from time to time. But when those occasional aches and pains become persistent or chronic, that’s when there’s a problem. One very common cause of pain is tendonitis. Tendonitis is a condition where a […]

How to Eat Healthy When Eating Out

It can be frustrating to go out to eat when you’re trying to eat healthily. Unfortunately, not every state has passed the calorie count laws that require certain restaurants to provide nutritional information about the food on the menu. So it can be difficult to know what to order when you’re trying to eat smart. If […]

3 Tips to a Great Handshake

Have you ever received a bad handshake?  Most likely your answer is a quick yes.  Have you ever wondered to yourself how so many people can get something as simple as a handshake wrong? The handshake has gone back centuries, yet so many people cannot get a hold on the proper handshake.  There are all kinds […]

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