3 Tips to a Great Handshake

Have you ever received a bad handshake?  Most likely your answer is a quick yes.  Have you ever wondered to yourself how so many people can get something as simple as a handshake wrong?

The handshake has gone back centuries, yet so many people cannot get a hold on the proper handshake.  There are all kinds of bad handshakes out there that you may have had the displeasure of coming into contact with—from the ‘way too hard’ power grip, the soft and clammy grasp or a handshake that’s stiff as a statue.

You want to make a lasting impression when you first meet someone and one of the biggest factors in positively doing that is in how you greet them.  You want to have a handshake that stands out so that people remember you—in a good way.

Don’t let a friendly handshake turn into an awkward experience.  Learn the art of a great handshake and shake hands with confidence with these three tips.

Make Eye Contact

Always make eye contact with the person whose hand you are shaking.  Never look down or around you—always look at the person’s face.  It’s the best way to show you are sincere.  And don’t forget to smile!  This is the icing on the cake for any handshake.

Avoid a Handshake Sauna

Approximately 2.8% of the population suffers from excessive sweating.  When you go in for a handshake you want it to be a dry one and not leave the other person saying “gross” to your wet hands.  If you suffer from sweaty hands, try keeping your hands in your pocket and before you go in for the handshake wipe them off inside your pocket as you pull it out.  and if you are holding a drink, be sure to carry it in your left hand to keep your right hand dry for an “ew-free” shake.

Don’t Be Too Dominant

Trying to be the dominant hand in a handshake to let the other person know you’re uber confident or in charge is just plain silly.  You can have a hardy handshake without feeling like you’re trying to break the other person’s hand.  When you shake a hand, bend at the elbow and don’t put your shoulder into it like a running back trying to break through a defensive line!  A handshake should be smooth and methodical—grip their hand and lay your fingers out naturally, give two handshakes, let go and move on.

A handshake is a super simple activity that you can get wrong.  You want your handshake to be remembered in a good way, so try these 3 tips next time you meet someone or are greeting them for the first time to leave the best lasting impression possible.

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