Monthly Archives: April 2018

How to Choose a Hand Specialist for Your Needs

If you’ve experienced some kind of hand injury or surgery, or anything of that nature, then you might be in need of a hand specialist. There are a few different medical professionals to be aware of as you start your journey to healing. And it’s important to find the right one for your particular needs! […]

Elbow Pain? Here’s What to Do About It

Elbow pain – it’s annoying, uncomfortable, and unfortunately present in so many daily movements. You go to stretch when you wake up in the morning and you experience that twinge. The pain might even stop you from doing the activities you love, such as playing with kids or grandkids, going golfing, or playing tennis. The […]

What to Expect When Facing Carpal Tunnel Surgery

If you have carpal tunnel syndrome, depending on the severity, your doctor might recommend surgery. Surgery – it’s a scary word and you may not know exactly what it means for you. If you find yourself facing the option of carpal tunnel surgery, here are some things you can expect. What You Need to Know: […]

Wrist Pain: Common Ways to Treat Your Injured Wrist

Did you know that the wrist is not just one joint? Several small joints, where the bones of the forearm and hand meet, make up the wrist. If any one of these joints, bones, ligaments or tendons become injured, it can lead to wrist pain. And this pain can be recurring – wrist injuries are often due to […]

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