Meet The Billing Team Queen, Melinda Washington!

Melinda Washington is the manager of our billing department. She has served our company for 16 years! She is an expert in her field, and we are lucky to have her as an integral part of the Desert Hand and Physical Therapy family! Please see below to learn more about what makes Melinda so great.

What life circumstances led you to the career path you have chosen?

I was playing softball in college, slid into 2nd base, and broke my ankle and tore the cartilage in my knee. I was pretty upset, as I felt like everything was over. I enrolled in Pima Medical Institute and got my certificate as a “Medical Secretary”, which is what it was called back then, LOL… I went from Primary Care Medical Records/Front office to an OB/GYN Front office supervisor. I then worked as a Manager at a Physical Therapy company where I learned a lot about billing. I was with them for 9 years and then I found my home here at DHPT. I am now going on 17 years.


What advice would you give to your younger self starting out in the field of billing again?

Get into Medical billing sooner than later! I would also tell myself to get that degree 🙂


What is something you feel is misunderstood about your role in the company? How would you like that narrative to change?

A misunderstanding with the billing department is that we only care about collecting money. While the financial aspect of our job is important, so is great patient care and customer service. I would hope that patients and staff understand that we do care about them. We are primarily here to help make things easier and smoother for them, not just collect money.


How has being a mom changed your outlook on your career and the importance of what you do?


Once, I became a mom, I wanted to be the best role model I could be. I have 2 daughters that I love and cherish so much; they are my world. I pray every day that they see what I have done and continue to do for them.

Pictured above are photos of Melinda with her husband and 2 daughters as well as a photo of her 2 daughters alone in the bottom photo.


What extra curriculars do you participate in outside of work? How do you look at these differently because of your role in the company? 


I am part of my daughter’s basketball booster club. I am also a dog mom. I enjoy playing bingo with my husband and date nights. Most importantly I enjoy spending time with my family whenever I can; they are important to me. Understanding that life happens for everyone and showing empathy is something I see differently because of my role.


Our company is better every day because of the work, love, and compassion put forth by Melinda. We cannot say enough thank-you’s to her and her staff. Melinda, you are a rock star!


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