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4 Scary Long Term Effects of Poor Posture

Take a peek around you if you’re in an office.  Or take a quick look at yourself.  What do you see?  Everyone hunched and slumped over at their computers.  I bet that made you sit up straight, didn’t it?  When you go out to eat, look at the people sitting down around you.  How is […]

Hand Hurts From Typing? This Could Be the Cause

There are a lot of jobs in the world where risk and danger is imminent. It’s possible that you never thought your desk job would have any potential health risks (aside from eating too many chips out of the vending machine). However, if you sit at your desk typing all day long, there is a […]

Improve Your Mobility With These Range of Motion Exercises

Range of Motion Exercises, or ROM exercises, are important movement patterns designed to regain mobility in a joint such as the shoulder, knee, wrist or fingers. Regularly moving your joints can help reduce pain, keep your joints flexible, and improve strength and balance. These exercises can also be designed for you by a physical or […]

4 Exercises for Golfer’s Elbow You Should Try Today

It may seem odd, but repetitive movement can have long term effects on your elbows. If you suffer from golfer’s elbow you know the pain—that persistent, nagging pain that can put a huge damper on everyday life. Golfer’s elbow is a common overuse injury which generally causes pain at the inner part of the elbow. Ouch! […]

How to Stop Cracking Your Knuckles for Good in 3 Easy Steps

You may hate to admit it, but almost all of us have at least one bad habit. Some of these bad habits can pose some serious health risks.  We all have heard that bad habits are hard to break…until now.  No matter what your bad habit—nail biting, smoking or knuckle cracking—where there is a will […]

Desert Hand Therapy: New Name, More Physical Therapy

You may have recently noticed on the Desert Hand Therapy Facebook and our website that we have a new logo and name. These changes are signifying an exciting expansion of our physical therapy department. Don’t worry though! You’ll still receive the same great hand therapy, compassion, and care at all of our 10 locations valleywide. […]

Here’s Why You Need a Certified Hand Therapist

When you’ve injured your hand or wrist, and you need help, where do you turn? The list can be long and confusing: physical therapy, occupational therapy, hand therapy. Which one do you make an appointment with? Does it matter? Actually, it does. There is a difference between a physical therapist and a certified hand therapist. Choosing […]

3 Common Conditions Treated with Hand Therapy

You’ve probably heard of physical therapy and hand therapy before, but maybe you don’t know what they’re for? Or maybe you think hand therapy is just something for pro-athletes? That it’s nothing more than a good massage? We’re here to set the record straight. Hand therapy is a fantastic healing method that can be used for a […]

Hand Pain? Top 4 Reasons Why

Our hands do so much for us – they help us to cook, pick up our kids, play piano, work, sew, and high-five. So if you’re experiencing hand pain, you might feel like your world has gotten just a little bit smaller. Pain in your hands can make it difficult to do even the most […]

What to Expect After Wrist Surgery

If you are about to have wrist surgery, it can feel daunting. And maybe a little scary. Or maybe you’ve already had the surgery and you’re wondering “what comes next?” Either way, knowing the facts about taking care of yourself pre and post op can help you feel ready for what’s about to come. Here’s […]

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