4 Scary Long Term Effects of Poor Posture

Take a peek around you if you’re in an office.  Or take a quick look at yourself.  What do you see?  Everyone hunched and slumped over at their computers.  I bet that made you sit up straight, didn’t it?  When you go out to eat, look at the people sitting down around you.  How is everyone sitting?  Slouched over their smartphones.  We live in a modern world where technology is king, but these advancements are working against us.  We are walking around and sitting hunched over our laptops and phones instead of how we were pre-technology – where we once stood tall. And all of that hunching is the effect of poor posture. 

Sadly, we are a nation of poor posture.  All that slouching, internally rotated shoulders and hunching are the norm. You may think that your poor posture is only affecting how tall you appear, but the scary truth is that it can negatively affect your physical and mental health.  Sure, poor posture can make your shoulders ache and your neck stiff, but there are lots of other scary, and weird, ways poor posture can affect you.

Here Are 4 Scary Ways Poor Posture Can Impact Your Health

The Slouch Can Make You a Grouch

Poor posture has been proven to have a negative effect on your mood.  A study done by San Francisco State Universityshowed that those who walked down the hall in a slouched position had more feelings of depression and lower energy levels than those who skipped.  Your posture can change how you feel.

Blood Vessel Constriction

Poor posture changes the alignment of the spine.  This change can result in subluxations that may cause problems with blood vessel constriction.  Blood vessel constriction can cut off blood supply to the cells of the muscles, raise your chances of clot formation, cause varicose veins and even affect nutrient and oxygen supply.

Causes Digestive Issues

Slouching can cause digestive issues such as acid reflux, constipation and hernias.  When you sit in a crunched position, your intestines are crunched up too which can slow everything down.

Headaches & Jaw Pains

When you sit hunched over while sitting down, it may make you more likely to clench your jaw.  Additionally, clenching your jaw and tightening your facial muscles can lead to jaw pain and headaches. Repeatedly clenching your jaw over a period of time can contribute to tension in the temporomandibular joint, wearing it down.  This effect can cause other health problems stemming from poor posture, including neck and upper back pain.

It’s time to stop looking like Gollum.  Avoid the smartphone slump and practice good posture while sitting at your desk at work or at home. If you need more guidance, Desert Hand & Physical Therapy can help you get out of the slump to correct your poor posture and your overall health and wellness. Schedule your appointment today!

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