Hand Pain? Top 4 Reasons Why

Our hands do so much for us – they help us to cook, pick up our kids, play piano, work, sew, and high-five. So if you’re experiencing hand pain, you might feel like your world has gotten just a little bit smaller. Pain in your hands can make it difficult to do even the most basic tasks, such as buttoning buttons or tying your shoes. There are a lot of reasons why you might be having discomfort in your hands, but here are some of the most common.

4 Reasons Why You Might Have Hand Pain

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Carpal tunnel syndrome is fairly common, especially in professions that require repetitive motions (such as typing or gripping). It affects 1 out of 20 people in the United States and can often be treated with hand therapy. The carpal tunnel is the narrow funnel that is formed by the bones and tissues in your wrist. This tunnel also serves to protect your median nerve. If the tissues in your wrist become inflamed, they can press on the median nerve which causes pain.

Once diagnosed by a doctor, a hand therapist can help you to relieve the inflammation, and therefore help heal the pain you might be feeling.

Irritated or damaged nerve

If you’re experiencing numbness in your hands as well as pain, you could have an irritated or damaged nerve. However, you never want to ignore a symptom such as numbness because it could be a sign that there’s something serious happening with your overall health.

If it is a damaged nerve, you will want to visit a specialist, such as a hand doctor, who will then diagnose you and refer you to a hand therapist. Hand therapists are highly trained in dealing with nerve damage and can help you heal by using sensory reeducation exercises. These exercises will help you to regain sensation in your hand and help the body and brain adapt to the injured area.

Thumb sprain

If a thumb sprain is severe enough, it could cause enough pain that it radiates through your entire hand. If there’s a lot of swelling, you might not even be aware that the pain is coming from your thumb. A thumb sprain is an injury to the ligaments inside of your thumb – and because it’s not possible to see these ligaments outside the body, you need to have an X-ray to ensure there are also no broken bones which could be causing the pain.


Edema is generally caused by an injury (whether you know you’ve injured yourself or not) but it can also be caused by other factors. Basically, this condition is fluid retention, or swelling, in your hands which is a common response to injury, but can be uncomfortable and painful. You might have puffiness, difficulty moving your hands, or swollen and shiny skin that looks stretched.

Some common causes of edema include:

  • Bee sting
  • Liver disease
  • Medication
  • Pregnancy
  • Malnutrition
  • Kidney disease
  • Circulatory problems

This condition can be caused by a variety of factors. It’s important that you see a doctor and diagnose the underlying cause for swelling in your hands.

No matter what type of pain you’re feeling, be sure to consult a physician.

Most importantly, if you are experiencing hand pain, it’s time to consult a physician. They will be able to properly diagnose you. They can refer you to a hand therapist, and help you create a plan of action for healing. It’s time to stop ignoring these symptoms and get back to the life you love!

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