Sensory Reeducation Exercises After a Nerve Injury

Do your hands feel numb sometimes? Do you have difficulty telling the difference between temperatures like hot or cold using your hands? If you answered yes to these questions, you may have a sensory impairment. A sensory impairment can occur in the nerves in your hand following a stroke or another injury affecting the way your brain interprets your senses.

Desert Hand Therapy can address these symptoms with one solution: sensory reeducation exercises. The same way you can do other hand or physical therapy exercises to regain movement after a stroke, sensory reeducation exercises can be done to regain sensation.

If you’ve suffered a stroke, hand injury or another condition, sensation may become impaired causing numbness, tingling or hypersensitivity. You may even feel like you’ve lost control of your own hands—like they aren’t working in sync with the brain anymore.

Sensory reeducation is a vital aspect of the rehabilitation process following an injury or condition where nerves have been damaged. It can help to adapt the brain’s response to the injured areas. Desert Hand Therapy provides sensory reeducation hand therapy programs to help retrain the hand’s sensor pathways. With sensory reeducation, the hand will be taught to once again recognize pain stimuli, shapes, textures, temperatures and grip.

At Desert Hand Therapy, we have various treatment modalities to help you perform sensory reeducation tasks. Ultimately, the goal is to regain optimum hand function. We will work together with patients to restore their hands to the best possible condition and will always deliver a customized healing approach for each patient’s unique condition.

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