How to Stop Sweaty Hands

Is your life plagued with sweaty hands? No one likes shaking a hand that is drenched in sweat.   Sweaty hands affect many people during stressful situations or on a daily basis.  Excessive and uncontrollable sweating of the hands or palms is called palmar hyperhidrosis.

This condition is an embarrassing problem, but there are effective ways to treat it.  If you’re tired of sweaty handshakes or smeared paperwork, look no further.   Now you can save yourself from the curse of sweaty hands!  We’ve want to share with you some of the best tried and true techniques on how to stop sweaty hands.

How to Stop Sweaty Hands—4 At Home Remedies

Slather on the Antiperspirants

Sounds crazy, but you can use that roll-on antiperspirant you use under your arms on your hands!  Try the solid products instead of the spray and make sure it’s one that dries clear—you don’t want to worry about having white hands too!  Also, check out the label to see that it is actually an antiperspirant and not just one that controls odor.

A Hand Bath in Apple Cider Vinegar

Another solution for helping sweaty hands is apple cider vinegar. Apple cider vinegar is a natural astringent to help keep your hands dry. Apple cider vinegar boasts many health benefits and blasting sweaty hands is one of them!  Pour some into a large bowl or your sink and soak your hands for fifteen minutes.  Along with soaking your hands, you can also drink the apple cider vinegar to help stop sweaty hands and keep hyperhidrosis at bay (probably not the same cider you used to your hands!.

Avoid These Sweat-Inducing Foods

The following foods can make the sweating worse—stay away from:

  • Onions
  • Peppers
  • Spicy foods
  • Fish
  • Garlic
  • Junk food and foods that contain a lot of toxins

A Dab of Witch Hazel or Rubbing Alcohol

Rubbing alcohol is an astringent and witch hazel is a natural extract from the astringent witch hazel tree.  Soak either in a cotton ball and wipe onto your palms.  Don’t use every day since it may overdry your hands.

So, take off those gloves and reconsider moving to a colder climate—now that you know how to stop sweaty hands with these proven techniques.

If you suffer from sweaty hands, check with your doctor or hand therapist to rule out any serious problem which may be the culprit.

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