How to Avoid These Manicure Nightmares

At Desert Hand Therapy, we focus on helping patients live their lives with strong and healthy hands. That doesn’t mean we don’t like to spend a little time to make them look great the right way too!

Going to get a manicure may be just what you need to take a load off from the busy week—you can sit back, relax and unwind.  Unfortunately, not all salons are pure pampering.  There are some out there that may have some scary dangers that can do some damage to your hands and nails.

Before you get a manicure, make sure you know how to avoid these 3 manicure nightmares at all costs.

Infection and Injury

Have you ever had a manicure where the nail technician either clipped your cuticles too much or too quickly and cut the skin?  They may apologize, rinse it off and go about finishing your manicure.  But that little nick could lead to an infection.  Aggressive or improper nail filing may also cause little cuts that could lead to infection.

Not every nail salon in the U.S. follows state protocol for disinfection.  Some may not use the right sterilization tools or avoid it altogether.  Bacterial infections and fungal infections may be picked up in salons if all tools and equipment aren’t cleaned properly.  Only get a manicure at a salon that uses autoclaves to disinfect their tools and instruments.  If you are ever injured in a nail salon or have redness or pain after your manicure, see a physician right away.

Nail Fungus

While you are soaking your feet in that warm water while relaxing in that massage chair, do you ever think about the person that was doing the same thing right before you?  If anyone has nail fungus, it can spread quickly in a salon if everything isn’t cleaned properly.  Make sure to check with the salon owner to see that they use the correct cleaning techniques and follow state protocol for disinfection.

UV Rays

Those lights that you put your hands under to dry your nail polish quickly emit UVA rays.  Yes, those UVA rays emitted by tanning beds that have skin-damaging effects that can lead to cancer.  Try air drying or test out that fast-drying spray you can spray right onto your nails immediately after your manicure.

Taking good care of your hands isn’t just about having pretty looking nails after a fresh manicure.  You want to treat them right and show them some love to prevent injury or get the best treatment for conditions like carpal tunnel syndrome.

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