Fun Facts about What it Takes to Be a Hand Model

They’ve starred in ad campaigns for cars, burgers, phones, and diamonds—but you won’t recognize their faces.  They are hand models! As the experts in hand therapy, we certainly take notice!

For a hand model, it’s all about making sure to protect their prized possessions: the hands.

We’ve rounded up some fun and interesting stories and facts about hand models.  Enjoy!

Fun Hand Model Facts

  • A hand model can earn anywhere from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand dollars an hour
  • If you are hand model, your hands need to be exceptional—there should be no veins or pores
  • As a hand model, you sometimes need to be able to act with your hands to really get the message across

4 Surprising Stories from Hand Models

Hand Model:  Annabel Capper

The first ad Annabel did as a hand model was for Twix.  She had to find thousands of ways to pose for nine hours!  She recalled, “One of the photographers is so used to doing still lives, they forget there’s a person getting tired or hungry at the end of these arms. One shoot I did was outside in the rain. I got so cold that my hands were going blue, and the photographer snapped at me, “Can you do something about that?”

Hand Model:  Adnan Rashed

Adnan Rashed was a hand model for Mercedes where they showcased his hand handling the steering wheel and gearstick.  As a hand model, Adnan understands the importance of keeping his hands pristine.  He always wears gloves when necessary, never puts his hands in hot water, gets regular manicures and uses cream and cuticle oils.

Hand Model:  Renato De Fazio

Renato likes hand modeling since it’s anonymous so you are able to work with competing products.  De Fazio recalls losing jobs because of cuts or bruises; even Photoshop photographers would rather the hand model be free of any imperfections.

Hand Model:  Ashly Covington

Ashley’s hands have been seen on TV holding pizza for Pizza Hut, using Dawn dish soap and opening desserts for Jell-O.  Her hands have appeared in a number of magazines, including InStyle and Cosmo and have filled in for celebrities such as Charlize Theron and Adriana Lima—even for Andy Samberg!  Ashley once told CNN that she wears gloves 90 percent of the time and moisturizes 20 to 30 times a day to keep them in tip-top shape.

Have you ever been told, “You have nice hands”?  Maybe you’ve got what it takes to be a hand model!  Hand model or not, it is important to take great care of your hands.  At Desert Hand Therapy we want to help your hands be and stay injury free.

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