Promote Healing & Relieve Stress with this Reflexology Hand Chart

Reflexology is an ancient healing therapy that is based on the idea that every single part of your body is connected through the nerves to the ears, feet, and hands.  When stimulating certain points, you can prompt a response from the nervous system. This response can help to release stress which in turn helps your body heal, balance and regenerate itself.  Reflexology is different for everyone. For some, the relief from reflexology is immediate, for others they may find a more gradual relief.

The major benefits of a hand reflexology massage include:

  • relief of stiffness and pain
  • prevention and relief from many ailments including headaches, back pain, stress, migraines, arthritis, and asthma
  • boosting blood circulation
  • stimulating balance of the body

Using a reflexology hand chart, you will find reflexology points that are both in the palm and the back of your hand. When massaging these points in certain ways, you can affect the corresponding points in your body to improve vital organs and heal naturally.

Use this reflexology hand chart as a guide to learn which parts of your hand can be stimulated to help heal or prevent specific body pains or to relieve stress.

Reflexology Hand Chart

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