Uncomfortably Numb: Hand Nerve Pain Causes and Effects

Have you ever had your foot fall asleep? You know that tingling sensation that makes your foot feel as though it’s detached from your body? It’s not a good feeling. Hand nerve pain can be like that. Did you know there are thousands and thousands of nerves in your body? These nerves transmit messages all day long to your brain and spinal cord. When everything is working smoothly, your brain can get the information it needs for you to move your muscles, touch, feel pain and know which position the hand and fingers are in.

Our nerves are very fragile and an injured nerve can’t transmit nerve signals. There are three nerves found in the hand:  the ulnar, median and radial nerve. When any of these nerves are damaged, they can start sending false signals to the brain resulting in hand nerve pain.

What Causes Hand Nerve Pain?

Hand nerve pain causes may occur when the finger, hand or wrist is:

  • Cut
  • Overstretched
  • Crushed
  • Burned

Hand nerve pain can also be caused by:

  • Falling
  • Accidents
  • Vibration
  • Physical trauma
  • Vehicle crashes
  • Freezing temperatures

What Does Hand Nerve Pain Feel Like?

If you have nerve damage to your hand, loss of feeling and numbness may occur. There may also be a decreased sensitivity of the sense of touch that can interfere with dexterity in the hands. All of those daily activities we take for granted like typing, tying your shoes or texting can become difficult.

Moving your fingers, thumb and wrist may not be as easy as it was before hand nerve pain. It depends on where the injured nerves are located, but you may lose sensation and movement in a part of your hand or the entire hand.  

How to Help Hand Nerve Pain

Hand nerve pain can stop you in your tracks. Hand nerve pain can be difficult to live with but the good news is that it can be reduced with hand therapy. The main goal of therapy is to regain motion, flexibility and to strengthen and improve your hand function. We want to help you perform everyday tasks more efficiently—and pain-free.


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