Should I Get an Ergonomic Assessment?

Have you been feeling inexplicably sore lately? Maybe fatigued? Have you seen your productivity drop at work? Then we may be able to help.

No, you’re not sore or fatigued because you worked too hard at the gym. There’s a good chance it’s actually the result of work. Whether you sit at a desk all day, or you’re doing manual labor, if you’ve never had an ergonomic assessment, you may be at risk of injuring yourself.

What is ergonomics?

Ergonomics is the study of people’s efficiency in the work environment. Ergonomics considers workers’ physical abilities, and how they can maximize efficiency in the workplace in a safe way. Simple adjustments can make jobs easier and safer for workers so they can be more productive throughout the day.

Why should I get an ergonomic assessment?

While ergonomic assessments are recommended for everyone, they’re particularly beneficial for people that find their job more physically taxing than it should be. If you’re experiencing soreness and fatigue as a result of work, that’s a sign of poor ergonomics.

An ergonomic assessment can help you determine what adjustments you need to make in order to reduce the fatigue you experience.

If you work in an office setting this could be as simple as adjusting your office chair to fix your posture, or moving the placement of your keyboard on your desk so you’re not straining your hands and wrists to reach it.

If your job is more physically demanding, an ergonomic assessment could make your job safer by recommending guidelines for table/shelf heights. This means you wouldn’t have to reach or lift as high, resulting in less physical exertion.

Companies all over the country are turning to ergonomic assessments to ensure the workplace is safe, and to demonstrate that health and safety are priorities. So if you haven’t had one, it might be time to consider it.

If you’re feeling sore from work, another great way to deal with that is using a foam roller. Check out this blog to find out how to use a foam roller.

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