Nail Care Tips for Beautiful Hands

Take a close look at your fingernails.  Are they strong and healthy?   Are there any unusual colors, ridges or dents?  Our fingernails can actually give you some serious clues to your overall health.  Those less than desirable nail conditions can be avoided through proper fingernail care.

We’ve rounded up 6 nail care tips for amazing nails and beautiful hands. 

Keep your hands clean.  Before anything, it’s most important to keep your nails and the skin around them dirt-free.  Try applying soap to a toothbrush and gently scrub your nails and skin to remove any dead skin and dirt.

Always be gentle.  Our fingernails are very delicate.  Don’t scrub them too hard to prevent exposing them to infection.  Always avoid using metal nail tools under the nail since too much digging under the nail plate could cause separation from the skin.

Give your nails a break.  Your fingernails need some time to rest and repair without any nail art and bold colors.  If you don’t give your nails a break from lots of pigment, they can break, dry out, turn yellow, and over time, weaken the structure of the nail.

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Learn proper cuticle care.   Our cuticles have a very important purpose:  they seal the area at the base of the nail.  If you cut or remove the cuticle, it can break the seal of protection, leaving you vulnerable to bacteria and the possibility of infection.  The better you are at leaving your cuticles alone, the  more your nails will thank you.

Trim regularly.  Regular fingernail trims are just as important as they are for your hair.  Set aside time every week to clip them.

Take care of your tools.  Always disinfect your nail tools between uses to keep bacteria far, far away.  In order to keep your nails happy and infection-free, wash your tools with soap and water and wipe with rubbing alcohol.  Don’t forget to regularly replace disposable tools like emery boards.

It’s important to keep your fingernails looking their best.  Use these nail care tips that are super simple!

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