3 Times You Need a Wrist Brace

A wrist brace can do wonders for the health of your hands and wrists. And it’s not just for injuries – a wrist brace can be used to help prevent injury, irritation, or pain during many common activities. Some of these activities include sports, working out, and even work. How can you make a wrist brace work for your needs? Here’s how to know when you need one.

Do You Need a Wrist Brace?

Your wrist contains dozens of tiny bones, ligaments, and muscle. It’s easy to create nagging and uncomfortable injuries due to overuse or overwork. A wrist brace can help to alleviate some of these aches, as well as prevent further irritation. Here’s when you could use it the most:

If you play sports…

Athletes might need to wear an adjustable wrist brace that protects those aforementioned bones and ligaments but still allows them to perform on the court or field. A flexible brace allows you to adjust the tightness for comfort and protection so you can enjoy your post-work team sports pain-free.

A flexible wrist brace can also be worn at the gym during weight-lifting. Consult a physical therapist or trainer to ensure that all of your extremities are protected if you are participating in heavy lifting.

For work…

Both manual labor and desk job employees could possibly benefit from braces or splints. It goes without saying that manual labor jobs require much more physicality and therefore there’s a higher risk of injury. Braces or splints could help you return to manual work faster and relatively pain-free.

However, a desk job might be just as risky when it comes to hand or wrist injury. Overuse and repetitive movements can cause carpal tunnel syndrome. Mild carpal tunnel syndrome might be treated using a brace or splint – a brace might also help you to reduce inflammation and avoid surgery in the future.

If you’re injured…

If you’ve had a prior injury to your wrist, you might be suffering from lingering aches and pains caused by weakened muscles or damaged ligaments. A brace can help reduce the lingering pain and even prevent further irritation and inflammation. In addition, if you’ve had a recent injury or surgery, a wrist splint could help you to keep your wrist in the proper position and reduce the time it takes for you to heal properly.

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