6 Tips to Prevent Knee Pain

We don’t give our knees enough credit.  Your knees provide stable support for the body and allow the legs to bend and straighten.  You need your knees to stand, walk, run, jump and turn.  According to the Institute of Medicine of the National Academies, approximately 100 million Americans suffer from chronic knee pain!

Suffering from knee pain can negatively affect your daily life.  But you have the power to take control and say goodbye to knee pain—for good!

Ready for the secret to happy knees?

Prevent Knee Pain with these 6 Tips

Maintain a Healthy Weight.

Every extra pound can add around 4 pounds of pressure on your knees and joints.  That added weight is a big contributor to knee pain.  Talk to your doctor about developing a healthy eating plan and exercise program to help you maintain a healthy weight to stop knee pain in its tracks.

Wear the Right Shoes.

Wearing shoes that fit correctly and provide support will help you maintain proper leg alignment and balance to prevent knee pain or injuries.  Here are some quick tips on how to find shoes that fit properly.

Warm Up & Stretch.

Before you begin any exercise, always warm up and stretch.  Pay special attention to stretching the muscles in the front and back of your thighs—it will decrease tension on your tendons to relieve pressure on the knees.

Heat & Ice.

If your knee pain is caused by arthritis, ice can help relieve swelling and heat can ease stiffness.  Taking a hot shower in the morning or a warm bath before you go to sleep may help ease your knee pain as well.

Be Smart About Exercise.

Exercise is good therapy for knee pain, but it needs to be the right kind.  High-impact exercise or overdoing it when you workout could just be making your knee pain worse. The best exercises for knee pain?  Try low-impact activities like swimming, walking or dancing.

Give Physical Therapy a Try.

Physical therapy is often helpful and effective for knee pain sufferers.  A physical therapist will design an exercise program specifically for you that fit your ability level and teach you techniques to spare your joints.  They can also teach you how to reduce strain on your knees in your daily activities to keep knee pain at bay.

Ready to nix knee pain and return to the activities and lifestyle you love?

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