6 Little-Known Nail Polish Facts

Nail polish is a beauty staple for hands around the world. Some people use it to paint their nails a solid color, while others go all out with amazing nail-sized masterpieces. What do you know about your polish? We’re guessing it’s not much, which is why we’ve compiled 6 incredible nail polish facts for you here.

6 Little-Known Nail Polish Facts

Nail Polish has been around forever

According to Nails Magazine, nail polish has been around since the dawn of civilization. That’s right: excavation teams have found manicure sets from ancient Babylonians, which they estimate date all the way back to 3200 BC. The Babylonian’s go-to colors? Black and green. Meanwhile, Ancient Egyptian Queen Cleopatra appears to have preferred a ruby red.

You should store your polish in the fridge

Storing your nail polish in the fridge can increase the shelf life of the polish, prevent clumping, and help you get a smoother finish. Never heard of someone doing this before? That’s okay – even the most dedicated polish fans seem to overlook these nail polish facts about storage.

The most expensive nail polish in the world costs $250,000

Here’s a fun nail polish fact for you: the world’s most expensive nail polish is Azature Black Diamond King, and it’s made with 267 carats worth of black diamond. It retails for $250,000. The Azature Website claims its diamonds are cruelty-free – so if you have this kind of cash lying around, go for it.

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Nail polish is good for your nails…

The good news is that wearing nail polish can help strengthen your nails  and less susceptible to breakage.

…But it’s also not

The bad news is that changing your nail polish too often can cause your nails to become fragile and peel. These are little-known nail polish facts that can have big ramifications. Stylecaster Magazine advises polish-lovers to remember to apply a base coast, and to invest in an acetone-free nail polish remover between shades.

French tips aren’t really French

Maybe the most mind-boggling nail polish fact we’ve found is that the beloved French tip manicure is not even French! In fact, the white-tip classic was probably invented in 1975 in California by Jeff Pink – the founder of the nail polish brand Orly, as part of an ongoing marketing effort.

So there you have it – six little known nail polish facts that will help you improve your trivia knowledge and take better care of your cuticles.

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