Signs of Arthritis in Hands

We use our hands so much every single day.  You may not even realize just how much you use them until signs of arthritis start to affect your hands.  Activities you once enjoyed or even day-to-day tasks become challenging or even impossible altogether.

Here’s how you can recognize signs of arthritis in your hands.


One of the most common signs of arthritis in your hands is a pain typically described as a “dull” or a “burning” sensation.  Pain will follow long periods of increased joint use, such as heavy grasping or gripping.  Pain may happen immediately or can show up hours later or even days after.  Generally, pain and stiffness is worse in the morning.

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Loss of motion

As arthritis in the hands progresses, another common sign is loss of motion.  Sometimes as motion is lost, pain is lessened.  Also, as the cartilage continues to wear down, joint motion can be accompanied by clicking, grinding or crackling.


As the affected joint in your hands is subject to greater stress than it can bear, it may start swelling in an attempt to prevent further joint use.  Joints that swell often will become red and tender to the touch.  This is a sign of damage to the tissues surrounding the joint and the response to the constant irritation.  Stabilizing soft tissues are worn away and deformity can occur.   

Some of the other most common signs of arthritis in the hands may include:

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