Desert Hand Therapy: Become Our Next Success Story

It’s official – you’ve injured your hand and need to find some relief. Where do you turn? Surgery can be expensive and require long periods of being “out of commission”. You might be in immense pain or unable to perform your usual daily activities. Hand therapy might be your best option. But how do you choose the right hand therapist for you? Look no further than Arizona’s own Desert Hand Therapy.

Why choose Desert Hand Therapy?

Desert Hand Therapy, or DHT, began in 1997 when owner, and licensed hand therapist, Chris Reynolds decided to start his own practice after an excellent 17 year career. Since then, Desert Hand Therapy has expanded to include a physical therapy practice and now has 10 locations in the Phoenix metro area.

That’s right – 10 locations. Not only does DHT have longevity on our side (it’s a 20 year old practice), but we also have multiple locations in the Phoenix area for you to choose from, making them a practical and convenient choice.

Aside from the locational convenience, however, the therapists have completed the highest training, as well as ongoing knowledge of changes in upper extremity care and rehabilitation. This means they are able to care for you in the best way possible.

Desert Hand Therapy provides a variety of services.

One of the most unique aspects of DHT’s practice is our ability to customize splints and braces for you and your particular needs. The splints are made in-house to fit you perfectly, and are competitive in pricing compared to a premade splint. Every month, Desert Hand Therapy fabricates over 200 splints and braces and provide same day service. What other hand therapy clinic can do that?

Here are some other services that our hand therapy clinics provide:

  • Customized evaluations for your particular case
  • Wound care
  • Scar management techniques
  • Sensory re-education
  • Range of motion and strengthening exercises
  • Functional and daily living activities
  • Patient education and home exercise programs

These are just to name a few! There are many more treatments that can be provided at DHT depending upon your healing needs.

DHT and their staff have amazing core values.

Desert Hand Therapy was founded to not only provide excellent service, but to also uphold some basic human values. These values include treating every patient and their family with dignity and respect. DHT also has a commitment to provide warmth and hospitality to each and every patient who walks through our doors.

If you visit any of our locations, you’ll find that these values are true and displayed each and every day by our amazing staff and talented therapists.

desert hand therapyDHT also commits to helping every patient return to normal function as quickly as possible. There are many success stories that DHT has played a part in over the years, but one that stands out is the story of former patient Stephanie Ameiss. After being told she would never walk again after falling off of the 202 freeway, and barely surviving, Stephanie was able to recover and achieve her dream of being a police officer.

Stephanie said of her recovery, “Chris Reynolds and the team at Desert Hand Therapy have worked with everything I’ve thrown at them. They’re truly caring and a very professional group of therapists. I am very fortunate to have them as part of my care team. I have referred dozens of people to Desert Hand Therapy and will continue to do so.”

Check out the entire story of her healing here. She’s definitely proof that determination and excellent therapy can take you a long way towards regaining your health!

There are so many options when it comes to deciding what’s best for you and your injury or pain. However, therapy is a wonderful, non-invasive option that can help you to truly return to your daily life. At Desert Hand Therapy, we’re committed to seeing you through thick and thin and helping you to return to the activities you love with the respect you deserve. Come visit us today!

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