Wrist Pain? Stretch it Out with these 3 Stretches

We ask our hands and wrists to perform and repeat tasks hundreds, if not thousands, of times every single day.  Just think how much office workers, students or writers “workout” for at least eight hours or more each day with their hands and wrists.  Or, if you drive a lot, the repetitive motions of even simply gripping a steering wheel can cause wrist pain and weakness.

Avoid pain from these repetitive motions and activities by stretching the tendons and muscles in your wrists daily.

Give yourself a hand by showing your wrist some love with these three wrist stretches to strengthen and keep your hands and fingers flexible and injury at bay.

Here are 3 simple stretches you can try today to prevent wrist pain.

The Praying Wrist Stretch
Stand up and place your palms together in a praying position.  Make sure your elbows are touching each other and your hands are right in front of your face.  Your arms should be touching each other from the tips of your fingers to your elbows.  From this praying position, start to slowly spread your elbows apart and lower your hands to waist height.  Stop the stretch when your hands are in front of your belly button or you feel the stretch.  Hold it for 30 seconds, and then repeat. 

The Wrist Extension

Extend your right arm straight ahead with your elbow straight.  Clasp your right hand with the left keeping your fingers pointed upward.  Pull your hand toward you, feeling the stretch in the bottom of your forearm.  Reverse this wrist stretch by turning your fingers downward, palm facing in, and pull your hand toward the body.  Hold each stretch for 15-25 seconds and repeat on the other hand. 

The Roll & Stretch

Roll each of your wrists a few times in each direction.  Then, stretch your finger tendons by gently pulling back on each finger.  Finally, make a clenched fist to stretch the muscles on the top of your hand.

If you have wrist pain, it’s important to determine the exact cause to find the best solution. Always consult a medical professional before beginning a stretching or exercising routine.

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