Wrist Pain? It Could be Mommy Thumb

The joys of being a new mother!  That special time filled with joy, wonder, new experiences and emotions, and so many wonderful memories.

Unfortunately for approximately 40% of moms, it is also a time filled with wrist tendonitis.

When you are caring for a newborn, you are constantly carrying and lifting your baby in positions that are new and unfamiliar to the muscles in your body.  This could lead to painful inflammation in the tendons found in the wrist and thumb known as ‘Mommy Thumb’.

This condition can be especially difficult for new mothers as the wrist pain can be so severe that it hinders them from being able to care for their baby.  Even those simple tasks like changing a diaper or snapping on a bib may prove to be difficult with mommy’s thumb.

Understand the condition and how to prevent it so you can get on with the joy-filled times!

What is Mommy Thumb?

Mommy’s thumb is essentially an inflammation of the tendon lining.  It’s a painful condition of the wrist and thumb which often affects new mothers.

Treating Mommy Thumb

Treatment for Mommy Thumb is focused on decreasing the inflammation in the wrist and thumb.

Preventing Mommy Thumb

It can be difficult to prevent Mommy Thumb because you need to lift your baby.  Try these effective preventative tips:

  • Try lifting your baby by scooping him/her up by lifting under your baby’s bottom instead of picking up with your thumbs extended
  • Try using a baby carrier to free up your hands when you are able. If you are constantly holding your baby while performing household activities it can place strain on the wrist
  • Alternate hands to evenly distribute forces throughout the day
  • Use nursing supports when feeding
  • If any activity hurts, stop doing it immediately and find a different way or ask for help
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