Why Hand Hygiene Really Matters

It may sound silly, but hand hygiene is so important. Germs are everywhere. EVERYWHERE. And a quick rinse under the sink isn’t going to cut it.

Keeping your hands clean is a great way to prevent infections. Keeping up with your hand hygiene will protect you from serious infections and from spreading anything to others you come in contact with. In fact, four out of five germs that cause illness are spread by hands. That’s why the experts strongly believe that the most important thing you can do to help prevent and avoid illness is to thoroughly wash your hands!

Why Hand Hygiene is Vital

Think about it: almost every single thing you do every day involves your hands. And you wouldn’t believe just how many things your hands touch from the moment you wake up to when you go to sleep. It’s a lot. Think toilet handles, doorknobs, faucets, grocery cart handles, shaking hands, pens and light switches. And every one of those items we come into contact with daily can be hosts to bacteria and viruses. Gross. It’s simple: when you touch something with germs, those germs are transferred to your hands. Then you can be a germ transferrer spreading those dangerous germs to everything you continue to touch as the day goes on. Sounds like something out of a horror film.

Buy you have the power to break the cycle. Hand hygiene plain and simple is making sure you wash your hands! It should become second nature and done frequently. Wash your hands after you’ve used the restroom or whenever you’re handling food, but don’t stop there. Good hand hygiene means washing your hands throughout the day—any time you’ve come into contact with germs. Basically—get ready to wash your hands a lot. It may seem like a no-brainer, but we all need to brush up on our hand washing skills!

We’ve got the low-down on getting your hands squeaky clean.  Stop playing Russian Roulette with bacteria. Avoid being another dirty statistic by following these helpful tips for handwashing.

Don’t Let Your Hand Health Suffer

Not only is it important to keep your hand hygiene up to par, but it’s important to show your hands some love if you have any aches or pains. Schedule an appointment with Desert Hand Therapy for therapeutic treatment and rehabilitation to restore optimal function in your hands.

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