Carly Simon

Carly Simon I graduated from Hofstra University in New York with my masters in Occupational Therapy. I decided to move to Arizona in 2020 where I finished up my graduate program in Scottsdale. During my program, I was placed in a 12 week fieldwork setting at an outpatient orthopedic setting. This is when I had […]

Wanda Barth-Lindblom

Wanda Barth-Lindblom, PT, CHT Joined DHT Nov. 2006 Graduated from the University of Alberta, Canada with a Bachelors in Physical Education (BPE) in 1989 and a Bachelors of Science Physical Therapy, (BScPT) in 1991. Worked in Canada as a physical therapist before moving to the great state of Arizona. Practiced full-body therapy until finding her […]

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